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In this busy and complex world, Qatar needs a trusted source of information and entertainment options to help them relax, reflect and connect with the society.

Our mission is to help brands to reach a unique and lucrative Urbanite audience that did not previously buy a newspaper – this has been achieved through distributing the right product at the right time in the right place to the right people.

Metro Time’s content is concise, relevant and engaging, presented in a visually appealing, well designed fashion. Features which focus on entertainment, lifestyle,

The 12-page tabloid, to be published on Wednesdays, will be distributed free at Doha Metro stations.

About Metro Times
  • Print Edition: Tabloid size
  • Number of pages: 12 pages
  • Publishing day: Wednesday
  • Price per copy: Free to take by commuters
  • It also has Online Edition and Social media channels

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